(1)They will have to ____________ with all safe storage and transportation requirements.
a. abide
b. comply
c. adhere
d. conform

(2)The latest report showed Canada’s top executives earned, on average, $8.4 million in 2010, including salary, bonuses, stock grants and options. That was up 27 per cent from a year earlier. The average person, _______, is actually earning less than during the 2008-09 recession, if inflation is taken into account, the centre said.

a. across the board
b. by all means
c. on the other hand
d. in other words

(3)Historically low interest rates have _________ buyers to get into the real estate market
a. attracted
b. included
c. brought
d. enticed

(4)__________petroleum and coal products, industrial prices rose 0.5 per cent from December.
a. Exclude
b. Excluding
c. Excluded
d. Excludes

(5)A Japanese company has launched a service (1) _____ high-priced roaming fees for Japanese mobile phone users (2) _____ in the United States.
a. cuts
b. cutting
c. to cut
d. cut

a. travels
b. travelling
c. to travel
d. travelled

(6) Much ______ my surprise, I was offered the job of a lifetime.
a. for
b. of
c. to
d. with

(7)Seventy-four per cent of those asked said 2011 was a good year for them and their families — 15 per cent said it was “very good” and 59 per cent said it was “somewhat good.”

Of the 26 per cent holding the __________ view, six per cent said it was a “very bad” year and 21 per cent considered it “somewhat bad.”
a. oppose
b. opposing
c. opposed
d. opposition

(8)Canada’s top court sided last week with provinces _________ to that initiative.
a. oppose
b. opposite
c. opposing
d. oppposed

(9)It’s a show tailor-made for fans of fashion, or for _______ who likes seeing beautiful celebrities wearing pretty things.
a. anyone
b. them
c. those
d. people

(10)She was insulted and angry at the allegations of the Mounties and the manner ________ she was treated.
a. that
b. which
c. in which
d. whom