(1)The company president said the workers would _________ strike next week to protest against planned wage and pension cuts
a. go over
b. go on
c. go with
d. go to

(2)After some temporary setbacks in 2011, Canada’s economy is set to grow ______ 2.5 per cent in 2012, provided that European policymakers contain the sovereign debt crisis in that region
a. in
b. with
c. by
d. for

(3)Researchers have uncovered a compound in an ancient Chinese herbal medicine that has been found to stop hangovers and __________ alcohol dependency in rats, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience.
a. reduced
b. reducing
c. ro reduce
d. reduction

(4)We know that Canadians with the lowest incomes are more likely to suffer from __________ conditions like diabetes and heart disease, as well as to live with a disability, and suffer from a mental illness.
a. chronicle
b. chronological
c. chronic
d. coherent

(5)What’s better about using a steamer is there’s no chance you’ll ruin your favourite (1)__________ by scorching it with a too-hot iron or having the mineral deposits in the water reservoir spew all over it.

Another reason to use one is to prolong the life of a suit; the chemical solvents and high temperatures (2) __________ in dry cleaning will ruin the fabric of a suit over time.

In fact, dry cleaning (3) ___________ ruins most fabrics and should be used only when necessary. So a steamer will take out the wrinkles and creases, and freshen up the fabric without harming it. These household appliances start at $30.

a. goer
b. garment
c. grave
d. gadget

a. uses
b. using
c. used
d. to use

a. finally
d. accidentally
c. miraculously
d. eventually

(6)The police spokesman said __________ in total only a handful of phones were stolen, it is clear thieves are targeting high-end smartphones that can be easily resold on the Internet through sites like Clingssite.
a. that
b. although
c. those
d. because

(7)In western Europe and North America more than 99.5 percent of abortions were __________ safe.
a. regarded
b. deemed
c. accredited
d. viewed